Supergirl – Season 3 Overall Review

Supergirl S3

Arrow Season 3, Flash Season 3, Supergirl Season 3. What do all these seasons have in common? They’re all poor examples of the show, and denote a really big downturn in quality. Yep, Supergirl Season 3 actually makes the exact same mistake as Flash’s third season by dropping the humour and superheroics in favour of angst and family drama, except this time it doesn’t haven’t have some of the good episodes thrown in. Let’s take an overall look then…

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Supergirl – Season 3 Episodes 19 – 23 Review

Supergirl S3 P3

Supergirl’s third seasons comes to a disappointing end, with a particularly bad finale. It’s a real shame because the first third really showed promise for an interesting season ahead, but sadly it kept the theme of melodrama and angst and focused less and less about the super powers and… well, superheroics, until we got to this… *sigh* Let’s take a look, then…

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DW: The Malignant Truth Review

DW Malignant Truth

We reach the end of the Eleventh Doctor: Year Two Titan Comics run, and with it the end of the Time War-spanning adventure featuring the Doctor on the run from his past deeds. It’s… well, to be fair it’s a bit of a mess, and keeps layering on more and more plot before explaining it away with mostly dialogue, but Malignant Truth has its moments. Let’s have a look!

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Legion – Season 2 Overall Review

Legion Season 2

Last year I voted Legion as my favourite series of the year, and although Season 2 didn’t quite hit the same heights (probably the old “coming in with expectations rather than being taken by surprise” aspect) it did have some brilliant story telling again, plus the final episode blew me away, with an amazing opening sequence and a great cliffhanger. Let’s take a closer look then!

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Luke Cage – Season 2 Episodes 1 – 4 Review

Luke Cage S2 P1

Luke Cage’s first season was part good, part dull, so fingers crossed Season 2 learns from past mistakes. So far I can say it’s been good, but with a few flaws, which is how Season 1 started! Anyway, while it’s far from perfect, it has some good action, good humour, good drama and sets up the new big villain really well. That’s a good start to a season! Let’s take a look…

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Lost in Space – Season 1 Overall Review

Lost in Space S1

I took my time getting around to this Netflix series as it didn’t immediatly appeal, admittedly my knowledge of Lost in Space is limited to the Matt LeBlanc film from the 90s, so… Not really a surprise I didn’t jump straight in! Anyway, I ended up really enjoying the series! It took its time to get going, that’s for sure, but it really picked up in the latter stages and prooved itself worthy of a second season. So let’s take a closer look then!

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Doctor Who – Iron Bright Review

DW Iron Bright

The monthly range continues with a second “Sixth Doctor paired with a sort-of new companion for one story” … story, as The Doctor becomes paired with famed civil engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel during the time he was excavating the Thames Tunnel with his father. Sounds dull? Well, there are some ghosts… and an alien world connected to London via a bunch of portals… Also, there’s a good story as well! Hooray! Let’s have a closer look then!

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Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Episodes 11 – 17 Review

AoS S5 P2

Agents of SHIELD return to the present in order to stop the apocalypse in this middle chapter of Season 5, with some elements of their time in the future coming along with them. As the middle it does its job of setting up the end, and it also gives us plenty of good story moments too, including a twist with Fitz that was particualry great TV. So let’s have a deeper look into it, shall we?

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