DW: Shada (2017 Version) Review

Shada 2017

*checks watch* Oh, it’s new version of Shada time already?! Seriously though, this is presumably the last time this partly filmed Douglas Adams “classic” is re-released, not just because it’s finally “complete” with the original cast, but because it’s really good! I’m sure one day I’ll do the Paul McGann/Eighth Doctor 2003 version, but this will probably be the only Fourth Doctor version I review… so let’s get too it!

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The Punisher – Season 1 Overall Review

Punisher S1

The Punisher is a return to form for the MCU’s Netflix division, and one of the best shows I’ve watch all year. It’s uncompromisingly violent, sure, but it also tells a great story, with several characters intertwined in a big conspiracy that gets out of hand. Good plot twists, set pieces and most importantly, great actors/actresses mean this is highly recommended by me, personally. Let’s take a final and overall look at what I hope is the first of many seasons…

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DW: The Middle Review

DW The Middle

After a short delay to re-subscribe to the main range, we’re back with the trio of the Sixth Doctor, Constance and Flip. Tackling the “problem” of older people’s role in our society, The Middle does a good job of telling a spin on this issue and creating a very alien yet believable dystopian society. Not without flaws, but pretty damn good! Let’s take a look!

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