DW: The Movellan Grave Review

DW The Movellan Grave

I finish my game of catch up with Fourth Doctor Adventures with last month’s release, The Movellan Grave. Can a rather unspectacular and by-design stoic and emotionless race be redeemed with a story focused on just themselves?? … Not really, but it’s a good effort. Far better than I thought it would turn out to be, anyway. Let’s take a closer look!
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DW: The Haunting of Malkin Place Review


After breaking for a few weeks to allow for the July releases, it’s time to finish playing catch up with this year’s Fourth Doctor Adventures! The Haunting of Malkin Place is an interesting story, dealing with both traditional ghost tropes and locations, as well as the old spiritual vs. science, but also deals with PTSD and the horrors of war. It’s a concept that could easily have fallen apart, but manages to instead hold together and tell a really good story. Let’s take a closer look!

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