DW: Supremacy of the Cybermen Review

DW Supremacy of the Cybermen

It’s a “of the Cybermen” double on this site, completely coincidentally. I finally end my run on the Titan Comics Year 2 graphics novels with this, the big crossover event… sort of. It features all four of the Doctors that had on-going comics in this year (as well as cameos from other Doctors!), but they’re all separate and never interact with each other. Oh, and the artwork is awful. Let’s take a deeper look, then!

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DW: Hour of the Cybermen Review

DW Hour of the Cybermen

Hour of the Cybermen is two things. First it’s the second in a loosely connected trilogy based on 80s UNIT (or possibly a specific member of 80s UNIT), and it’s also the long-awaited return of the more talkative, fist-clenching “EX-cellent!” shouting 80s Cybermen! On top of all that, it’s actually a really good story, so let’s take a closer look!

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DW: The Time War Series 2 – Episodes 3 and 4 Review


The second half of the second “series” (or boxset, let’s face it) of the Eighth Doctor’s Time War adventures is a pair of pretty standard stories. Neither “In the Gardren of Death” or “Jonah” will make you jump out of your seat and praise how great they are, but neither will leave un-entertained at the same time. In fact they’re both good stories, but they just lack that spark of originality… so let’s see what I mean!

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DW: The Time War Series 2 – Episodes 1 and 2 Review


The Time War returns with the second series of Eighth Doctor stories set during the universe-altering period. These first two stories are entirely stand alone, with the first one being quite dark and dramatic, and the second being quite campy and fun (while still being the Time War, so not all laughs, obviously…) It’s a good double bill, so let’s look at them a bit more deeply, shall we?

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Luke Cage – Season 2 Overall Review

Luke Cage S2

Luke Cage’s second season is a vast improvement over Season 1, or to be more precise, it’s like the great first half of Season 1, but across its whole 13 episode run. A fun new villain with a great, sympathetic backstory (as all good villains have!), an old villain who just keeps getting worse, and a great supporting cast. Let’s waste no more time and take a closer look at the season as a whole!

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DW: Sonic Boom Review

DW Sonic Boom

The 12th Doctor “Year Two” run of Titan Comics comes to a mixed end with a volumes of two more stories. “Terror of the Cabinet Noir” is actually a great story, with some of the best artwork I’ve seen in one of these comic stories, where as “Invasion of the Mindmorphs” is pretty weak, and pretty much a rip off of a classic Futurama story… So, let’s take a closer look at this collected graphic novel of two halves!

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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Episodes 14 – 26 Review


The first series of GITS: SAC (“Git’s sack”… unpleasant sounding!) comes to an end, in suitably talky way. Sure there is some action, including that old cliché of  “secret organisation has their secret base attacked and raided”, but it ends with a philosophical discussion, the kind that original Ghost in the Shell author Masamune Shirow would have loved (or did love, he’s not dead or anything…) Anyway, let’s have a closer look! Continue reading