Sapphire and Steel – Assignment 4 Review

Sapphire and Steel A4

Sapphire and Steel’s fourth “Assignment” is a great example of how sometimes a shorter runtime can really help. This is only four episodes, rather than the previous stories being either six or eight, and it rolls along at a great pace. Still retains the spooky atmosphere and keeps you guessing, but doesn’t hang about too much. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?! …. Yes. Yes we shall.

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Thunderball Review


Going into watching Thunderball, all I could remember is it’s “the one with all the underwater bits in it”, and, well… that about sums it up! There are some good scenes, don’t get me wrong, but there sure is a lot of slow underwater bits… Let’s take a closer look!

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Sapphire and Steel – Assignment 3 Review

Sapphire and Steel A3

Sapphire and Steel continues into the third “assignment” and a new look… for Sapphire at least. This story is… odd. It introduces a new “element” character in Silver and he works well with the main duo, but there is also scenes of women choking geese, man-babies who can send you forward or backwards in time by a touch, and some sort of… blob… thing. It was good viewing though! Let’s take a closer look…

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Hellsing Ultimate – Volumes I and II Review

Hellsing Ult 1 and 2

In a rare non-Anime UK News review series, I take a look at Hellsing Ultimate, now that the last two OVAs are now available in the UK thanks to Crunchyroll. This series is the definition of guilty pleasure for me, I’m not really into over the top gore and violence, but I don’t if it’s the character designs (LOVE Alucard’s design, always have) or what, but I do like the occasional journey into Hellsing madness. Now it’s finally time to run through the whole story, starting with: the start! Thanks to the first two OVAs being based on the same material as the first half of the original TV series, it always feels like I’ve seen this loads of times and I want to “get it out of the way” so I can get to the newer (to me) stuff, but let’s be fair and have a closer look at them!
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Goldfinger Review


Ah yes, the most quoted Bond film by far, and generally the film most, if not all, the following films base themselves on. When a film is THIS much of a classic it’s hard to review because you feel like everyone knows what you’re talking about already (I had the same problem when I reviewed the original Star Wars trilogy…) but here we go. I will state that I don’t think it’s flawless by any means, but it’s certainly a great ride. Let’s take a closer look!

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