DW: Logopolis Review

DW Logopolis

Logopolis heralds the end of arguable the most iconic and popular version of The Doctor, but as usual with these early regeneration stories, it also features a few other firsts, namely the first appearances of Tegan and Anthony Ainley’s incarnation of The Master. Obviously neither are as significant as the death of the Fourth Doctor, but still interesting to note… which is good because a lot of this story isn’t all that interesting! Let’s take a look!

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Supergirl – Season 3 Episodes 1 – 9 Review

Supergirl S3 P1

Supergirl Season 3 is off to a rocky start, oddly making the same mistakes the Flash Season 3 writers made by making everyone be all downbeat, snappy and generally having a bad time (although at least funny side characters still retain their sense of humour, so it’s not quite THAT bad) That being said, it has set up a good season villain in Reign and set the groundwork for a few new character to make their debut next year. So let’s have a look at the first eight episodes (that doesn’t include the crossover episode 8 that’s covered else where…) of Supergirl Season 3!

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DW: Planet of the Spiders Review

DW Planet of the Spiders

Day three / Regeneration three in the Regeneration Marathon, and as you’d expect, it’s the Third Doctor’s time to go! (That actually won’t be as predictable later, sadly…) Planet of the Spiders is an odd story, a six-parter that’s equal parts weird Bond chase scenes, equal parts alien spider creatures enslaving an alien race… and that’s not even mentioning Tibetan Time Lords or a remorseful Mike Yates! Let’s take a look at Jon Pertwee’s send off, then, shall we?

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DW: The War Games Review

DW War Games

The regeneration-athon continues with the Second Doctor’s send-off. Much like his predecessor’s leaving story, this story is significant beyond just having a regeneration as it’s the first story to name The Doctor’s people as “Time Lords” and indeed the first to show Gallifrey (though the planet isn’t named) and other Time Lords besides the Doctor (and Susan, I guess). It’s also 10 episodes long, so… if you’re planning to watch each of these one a night then I’d get started early! I split it into two lots of five, but I’m obviously posting one a day, so…Good luck if you’re watching these as I post them! Anyway, let’s have a look at “The War Games”…

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The Walking Dead – Season 8 Part 1 Review


Do you like the endless sound of machine gun fire? How about fading shots of close ups to character’s faces? Well, if you said yes to either, you’ll love The Walking Dead Season 8! Seriously, while this half wasn’t without merit, it was a lot of noise and very little else, which given the subtitle to the season / comic book arc is “All Out War!” isn’t exactly unexpected, but I was still hoping for a bit of drama here and there… Let’s take a closer look anyway!

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DW: The Tenth Planet Review

DW Tenth Planet

The “Regeneration Marathon” begins with a story that not only has the first ever regeneration, but also has the first ever appearance of the Cybermen! That’s a hell of a double whammy when it comes to recurring features in Doctor Who! So, does the story do both justice? Well, given they didn’t know how significant either would be, it actually plays as a pretty standard base under siege, though with the attackers being rather pathetic… Let’s take a closer look, either way!

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DW: Gaze of the Medusa Review

DW Gaze of the Medusa

In what will probably end up being the last Doctor Who comic review of the year (but far from the last Doctor Who review of the year!) I take a look at the Fourth Doctor mini-series, titled “Gaze of the Medusa”. Sadly for me I read this after the great Third Doctor mini-series from Titan Comics, making this quite a step down. It’s fine, but it feels like it’s written by someone who only has limited knowledge of Tom Baker’s Doctor, where as “The Heralds of Destruction” felt like a love letter to the Third Doctor. Anyway, let’s take a bit more of a detailed look, shall we?

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Crisis on Earth-X Review

Crisis on Earth X

The big Arrowverse crossover event from this season, “Crisis on Earth-X” lived up to all the potential by delivering a fantastic four hour-ish story full of (really well choreographed and filmed) action, romance, drama and great dialogue between four casts of characters that we’ve all come to care about, and their “evil doppelgangers”. It was thrilling and surprisingly emotional ride, so let’s get into it!

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