DW: Zaltys Review

DW Zaltys

The first Fifth Doctor, Adric, Nyssa and Tegan trilogy comes to a close with Zaltys, a fun story with some good twists and turns along its runtime. A very enjoyable trilogy overall, made better by the freshness of the lead cast, after nearly a decade and a half of Fifth Doctor releases, it’s good to hear this period of the show getting new stories at last!

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DW: Cuckoo and Uninvited Guest Review

DW Cuckoo and UG

My journey through the Emperor of the Daleks collected DWM comics comes to an end with these two low-key stories. It also marks the end of the Seventh Doctor comic strips in the magazine, as after this they just switched between Doctors as the idea of new Who on TV began to vanish (that would mean a lot more if I’d been doing this blog for the past few years as these McCoy strips slowly came out…) Anyway, let’s see how this era of British Who comics came to an end!

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Mobile Suit Gundam – Episodes 32 – 42 Review

MSGundam P4

The original Mobile Suit Gundam series comes to a close with this last batch of episodes. These 11 episodes show the series at its best and really give a good sense of pay off after 31 episodes of varying quality and wavering personalities. It goes full force with its more fantastical elements like Newtypes with psi powers and gives a satisfying end to the major plot points to tie the series up with a neat bow. Let’s take a deeper look…

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