Persona 3 – 1: Spring of Birth and 2: Midsummer Knight’s Dream Review

P3 1 and 2

The Persona series of games aren’t something that really interested me, at least gameplay-wise. I didn’t want to sink many… many hours into a school life sim / traditional turn-based RPG, so I always just kept an eye on it. I saw my friend play through about a third of Persona 3, and then through all of 5, and that’s when I decided to buy Anime Limited’s releases of the Persona 3 films (as well as the Blu-ray release of Persona 4: The Animation, I’ll get to that later though!) Starting with the first two films then, let’s have a look at how such a long and twisty game can be made into a stunning-looking anime film series!

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DW: The Behemoth Review

DW The Behemoth

The Main Range loops back round to the Sixth Doctor, and a new dose of his adventures with both Constance and the returning Flip. The Behemoth is an odd story, in that it’s pretty much an old fashioned First Doctor historical, with literally no aliens or sci-fi/fantasy things in general present, beyond The Doctor and his time travelling ways, obviously. This leads to an interesting tale about the slave trade, but it does take it’s time getting there… Let’s take a closer look!

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Gotham – Season 3 Overall Review

Gotham S3

Sadly due to my unexpected heavy workload I didn’t get to continue with this season’s breakdown of episodes, so I’ll leave the first part up HERE, but I’ll just post this overall season review up instead. A fun season it was too, with Edward Nygma’s transformation into The Riddler and his relationship with Penguin being the highlight. Don’t get me wrong, the season wasn’t without flaws, and it may be that this season looks good because I binge watched it over a week or so rather than one episode week, but overall it was definitely a fun watch. Let’s take a closer look to see why!

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DW: The Night Witches

DW Night Witches

The Early Adventures range returns to the Second Doctor era and once again faithfully recreates the era despite two of the lead cast no longer being with us. The Night Witches is a pure historical, though with that old sci-fi cliché of happening upon an exact doppelganger, in this case of companion Polly. Is the old act tired, or does it manage to pull it off? Let’s find out!

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DW: The Skin of the Sleek / The Thief Who Stole Time Review


The sixth series of Fourth Doctor Adventures ends, as per usual, with a four-parter spread across two months. Unusually however, this story focuses much more on Romana than The Doctor himself, and manages to pull of a really good story. The extra time was a God send as it allowed the unusual planet and a new character from Romana’s past to both be fleshed out. So, for the last time this year, let’s have a closer look! (last time for a Fourth Doctor audio, anyway…)

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Just a quick update…

Just to let you know, I haven’t given up blogging or anything, just took on some extra hours at work and therefore I have very little time to write at the moment. The overtime will last for another two weeks, but I’m still hoping to at least get the September Fourth Doctor Adventures and Doctor Who: Early Adventures reviews up in the next week… Don’t want to fall behind of those.

No Anime UK News review lined up just yet either, which quite frankly is handy at the moment…

Anyway, just wanted to post this message!

Alien: Covenant Review

Alien Cov

The latest Alien movie has come to blu-ray (and other formats!) so I was finally able to watch it, and too my surprise… it might be one of my least favourite films in the franchise. With the sole exception of David from Prometheus I just didn’t have any interest in the characters at all, and once again the Xenomorph stuff seemed tacked on to an otherwise well-plotted “A.I. gone rogue” storyline. Ah well, let’s have a closer look anyway!

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Prometheus Review


Prometheus is one of those films that had a huge marketing campaign and hype going into it (with a lot of the hype based around an incorrect idea that the film was a direct prequel to the original Alien film) and when it disappointed it created a large negative backlash. There are still people who put this on their “worst films” list, and that’s definitely too harsh, having finally watched the film for the sake of this Alien Week marathon, I can say that it’s … alright. It does some things well, other things poorly, but it’s far from terrible. Let’s take a closer look!

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